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CEX Review UK: Cryptocurrency Trading in 2023

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The following are the limits that traders need to keep in mind when it comes to depositing funds in the basic account. The homepage gives you an option to create an account or start the process of buying cryptocurrencies. It also provides a link to the various products that the platform offers, as well as links about the company.

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It is not fully registered with the FCA in the UK as a cryptoasset firm, but it has temporary registration that lasts until 2022. Due to its international reach, CEX.IO is registered with and regulated by a number of financial regulatory bodies. Comprehensive Marketplace, unique rarity insights for collectable NFTs with the powerful trading tools. Based on your transaction side, you’ll have to pay an amount which is anywhere in the range of 0.16% and 0.25% at the maximum. Reaching the support team via the LiveChat option is problematic since a bot primarily controls the chat.


This is on top of the fees you’ll pay for making purchases on the CEX.IO exchange (maximum 0.25%) or on the Instant Buy platform (7%). A major issue that users encounter with is that the fee amount, as well as hidden charges, are too high. For example, the platform requires users to pay 7% as the fee amount from the fiat currency that they pay for any service. Thus, if you purchase Bitcoins worth $1000, you will receive only $920.

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Customers can also deposit supported proof-of-stake coins on their account for a chance to earn staking rewards. Staking rewards are paid out at the start of every month, and users can calculate their potential earnings using the exchange’s staking calculator. Their website also has a FAQ page where you are likely to find answers to your concern.